Purchasing power: 20 everyday products at a low price, the government wants the establishment of an anti-inflation basket

According to Le Parisien, the government wants to ask large retailers to set up an anti-inflation basket. It must promise consumers twenty everyday items at the lowest possible price.

More than aid intended for a handful of French households, the anti-inflation basket should allow everyone to find a welcome boost in this initiative. In any case, this is what Olivia Grégoire, the Minister Delegate in charge of consumption, who has been on the file for several months, wants.

Thus, as indicated The Parisianin the face of inflation that should be felt more in 2023, the government will ask large retailers to offer a basket of twenty products at very low prices from March.

If the government wanted to impose by law the distributors to sell these products at cost price, it had to concede to a simpler system to set up.

Each distributor will have to identify and choose twenty items from twenty product families. Products at bargain prices which should be easily identifiable, as is the case in Greece where the measure has largely proven itself with drops of nearly 25%, our colleagues report.

“The situation has changed”

Is it still necessary that the large distribution accedes to the request of the government. As such Michel Edouard Leclerc admits that “the basket was a good idea and I was in favor of setting it up when Olivia Grégoire’s advisers contacted me this fall” but that now, “the deal has exchange”.

And to affirm that the law, if it passes, will have to be as much on the side of the consumers as of the distributors. “The prices of our suppliers will increase by 15% on average in March. With this law, we lose the advantage of big promotions and we are maintained with the 10% margin. No distributor can commit to adding to that a basket of products sold at low prices,” he adds.

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