Premium of 185 euros: new aid from CAF, the French concerned

Through Jason Mathurin

– Published on Jan 12, 2023 at 6:45 PM

Aid from CAF allows some to ensure financial security. You may be eligible for one of these bonuses…

The family allowance fund (CAF) provides many aids for the most deprived. A way to offset inflation and the decline in purchasing power. Indeed, even at the start of the year, the crisis is hitting the daily lives of taxpayers hard. Much to their dismay. And for good reason, the French economy is on the verge of recession, according to INSEE. A very sad observation, in short… The various aids can therefore allow the French with the lowest incomes to bail out a little. Or at least, to ensure financial security. Who says new year, says new rules to touch them. Indeed, the scale and the conditions for granting aid change. But that’s not all: the calendar is also no longer the same. And it will have to be strictly adhered to. This year, too, you will have more chances of pocketing one of the bonuses from the family allowance fund…

Activity bonus: you may be eligible for this aid from CAF

Since 2016, the CAF has paid certain French people the activity bonus. This is a premium that replaces the old active solidarity income (RSA) known as ” Activity “. But also the Employment Bonus (PPE). In 2019, it got a facelift, especially after French protests about it. Its amount and its conditions of allocation have been refixed. This allows households that were not in the nails to also be eligible. In fact, the number of beneficiaries has increased to 37%, which is not negligible. Broadly speaking, chances are that you too are eligible for the activity bonus. Isn’t that good news? Especially since we told you, a little earlier, that you could touch it, including with 1900 euros salary. You still have to meet certain eligibility criteria.

The allowance is not paid automatically. Also, you will have to make a request on the website of the family allowance fund. For benefit from the activity bonus, you must reside in France for this. You must also have French nationality, be over 18 years old and have student, employee or apprentice status. These conditions alone are not enough to guarantee you the activity bonus. When you register, you will have to fill in your resources, if these have not been communicated before. Your income must therefore be below the income ceiling. One ceiling set at 1787 euros. The lowest wages, around 1000 and 1500 euros, will benefit from a larger amount. The allocation of this bonus will also depend on your income over the last 3 months. To find out more and make your request, go to the CAF website.

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