Power cut due to cold

One family was able to use their Ford F-150 Lightning as a generator. The electric pickup still had battery power after two days.

The intense arctic cold wave caused numerous power cuts in North America. In Canada, a family was able to test the efficiency of the Ford F-150 Lightning as a generator.

When it came out, Ford said it could “solving the real problems” of its customers. In its press kit, the firm assured that the vehicle could supply a house “for three to ten days”depending on usage.

The cold spell that hit North America was the ideal context to test it. A family used their vehicle to power their home for 44 hours.

Its owner, with the handle RapsFanLJ on Reddit, posted a photo of the electric F-150. He added the caption: “This baby saved us”.

And for good reason, in the face of temperatures that can reach -55 degrees Celsius, the family has used it for several purposes. Appliances, including fridge and freezer, as well as WiFi, lights and TV, were able to run on the pickup’s battery for almost 48 hours.

After these two days of use, the F-150 Lightning still had 65% battery capacity. A fine performance, given the aggressive environment represented by the cold. And a good proof of the factual advertising that Ford has made of its vehicle.

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