Polar cold: “ice castle”, frozen egg yolk … stunning images of China under minus 53 degrees

China is affected by an exceptional cold wave from Siberia. -53°C was recorded in Jingtao.

It has never been so cold in China, according to Futura Science. With a temperature of -53 ° C in the north of the country on Saturday, it has never been so cold in China since the start of weather records.

Extremely cold since last week

And for good reason: Siberia has just experienced its lowest temperatures for 20 years, with -62.4°C in Tongulakh, and this mass of cold air now extends over northern Asia, affecting in particular the China.

A temperature of – 53°C was even recorded on Sunday at Jingtao station, in the province of Heilongjang, in the north of the country. According to the French observatory Keraunosit is a new national record. The symbolic threshold of – 50°C had not been crossed… since February 1969 in the “Middle Kingdom”. Local records were also broken in Qianshao (-51.4°C), Moerdaoga (-50.7°C) and Xinan (-50.6°C).

ud83cudfc6ud83cudf21ufe0f? With -53°C recorded yesterday, an absolute cold record has just been beaten in #China, in the north of the country! The -50°C mark had not been reached since February 1969 in the country! https://t.co/ecmXYxr51r

— The Weather Channel (@lachainemeteo) January 22, 2023

Essence that turns into ice, mist in buildings, “ice castle”… The images shared on social networks by the Chinese are striking.

Temperatures in the city of Mohe, China, reached between -58°F and -63°F on January 24, one of the coldest recorded temperatures in human history. The weather was so cold, a yolk instantly froze when a TV correspond attempted to crack an egg on the air. pic.twitter.com/rN3AIPKGtX

— NowThis (@nowthisnews) January 24, 2023

This wave should continue until Thursday before gradually declining. It is shifting to the east of the country to reach Beijing in the middle of the week: we expect in particular -20 ° C in Beijing this Tuesday and Wednesday, specifies South West.

The municipal technical teams are in any case working hard to keep the city’s electricity system running, which continues to freeze, indicates TF1 Info.

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