Pierre Lescure responds to Claire Chazal who criticized his arrival in his place on France 2: “I found it a little inflated that it became a great national cause in his eyes”

A week ago, during the end of the cultural program of France 2 on Sunday in the 2nd part of the evening, the Parisian revealed that Claire Chazal “had called all of Paris” to try to save her place and did not hesitate to tell anyone who wants to listen that the decision was “scandalous”, criticizing her replacement by “a journalist 11 years her senior like Pierre Lescure. (…)”

This morning, in Le Parisien, Pierre Lescure, who arrives this evening on France 2, responds to the presenter:

“I understand that she is bitter but her campaign is still a bit excessive. At first, I didn’t even know if my show would be on France 2, France 3 or France 5… I found it a bit bloated that it became a great national cause in her eyes when she said neither hello nor thank you to Laurent Goumarre, whom she herself had replaced at the time (early 2016)”.

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