Pierre-Henry Broncan (Castres): “We were not swept away by Paris”

Pierre-Henry Broncan (Castres coach): “Angry, no, not at all. We’re not having such a bad game. We were not swept away by this team. The score is still quite heavy at the exit. Unfortunately, we failed to materialize, with a missed penalty 10 meters from the posts, with a try tainted by a forward refused on video, which is logical. The score seems to me still very heavy at the exit compared to the investment of the boys.

In relation to the content, too. I think we managed to get chances, to break. Unfortunately, we couldn’t score. What makes the difference ? Trust. Today, Paris is confident. It is a team made up of quality players, with a lot of confidence, second in the championship. Afterwards, this team has always had very solid bases, even last season or two years ago: we came here, it was very strong up front, and with quality players in all positions. »


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