Photo of his lovely companion who is almost half his age

Jean-Claude Narcy: Photo of his charming companion who is half his age - BestImage, Cyril Moreau

Jean-Claude Narcy: Photo of his charming companion who is half his age – BestImage, Cyril Moreau

This Monday, January 16, 2023, Jean-Claude Narcy celebrates his 85th birthday. On the occasion of this very special birthday, let’s take a look back at the journalist’s life and in particular his partner Alice Bertheaume, who is much younger than him!

At just 85 years old, Jean-Claude Narcy can boast of still having the peach! It was at the very beginning of the 1960s that this great man made himself known to French viewers. First presenter of the 20 hours news in Algiers, he finally returned to France in 1962 to try his hand at the radio, on the airwaves of France Inter. He finally opted for regional television in Rennes before becoming a major reporter for the ORTF and finally settled on TF1 in 1975 and for the rest of his career. Now retired, he lives happy days alongside his partner Alice Bertheaume.

Almost 45 years old, almost half the age of her beloved, Alice Bertheaume is inseparable from the latter. On all occasions, the lovebirds appear together and go hand in hand to all official events. Whether at the Cannes Film Festival, at the Roland-Garros Tournament, at charity dinners, at film previews or even at openings with friends, Jean-Claude Narcy and Alice Bertheaume do nothing without the other. Since 2017, they pose for photographers and appear more radiant, complicit and in love than ever. A relationship that is a pleasure to see given the difficulties experienced by the pretty blonde a few years ago…

Two complementary souls

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