Philippe Lacheau chilled but fulfilled by the triumph of “Alibi.com2”

Triumphant welcome at the opening! Philippe Lacheau and his team received warm acclaim after the screening 2 to Alpe Huez International Comedy Film Festival. “We started here in 2014 with Baby sittingwhen no one knew us, confides Philippe Lacheau to 20 minutes. It was the start of an incredible adventure that continues in 2023, with the pride that our film was chosen to open the festival. »

Nervous before the screening of the film, which his actors (Gérard Jugnot, Arielle Dombale, Didier Bourdon, Gad Elmaleh) were discovering for the first time, the actor and director could be proud of himself at the end of it, when members of the public came to congratulate him. “It’s always so reassuring to hear when people are laughing and when people are laughing loudly in the room,” says Philippe Lacheau. The day after the screening, I am relieved, tired, cold, but happy. »

A joyful chaos

The new adventures of his hero and his friends (Tarek Boudali and Julien Arruti) made the spectators twist. This time they have to invent false parents for the hero who is going to marry his beautiful (Elodie Fontan). His real parents, an X-movie actress and a crook, were unpresentable. “I thought back to the comedies of the Farrelly brothers which, in my opinion, are missing from the cinema, declares Philippe Lacheau. I have a weakness for caustic humor and visual gags. The public almost choked with laughter during a bewildering fall sequence from Didier Bourdon which reveals his anatomy or during a wedding sequence which turns into chaos during which no one is spared.

“As this is a second part, we had to go further than for the first, so that the spectators did not have the impression that we were repeating ourselves, declares Philippe Lacheau. What we see on screen may seem improvised, but there is a lot of writing behind it, which must remain invisible. »

Complicity and sincerity

The complicity between all the performers is palpable throughout this delightful delirium. “I think that our sincerity is felt and that it is one of the reasons for our success”, considers Philippe Lacheau who hopes for a welcome as warm as in Alpe d’Huez for the release of the film in theaters. And even if he still feels a little cold here, he will have had time, by February 8, to warm up.

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