Personality test: what you see first in the picture will reveal your fears in a relationship

Having become very popular on social networks to the point of being considered for some of them as being simple observation games, personality tests constitute a real experimental instrument in the field of psychology.

The fact that they are now presented in the form of fun and playful little experiments does not take away from the fact that they can help us to know more about ourselves and to better understand what we feel, desire or dread.

In love, as in friendly and family relationships, it is not because we do not talk about what scares us the most that our fears are unfounded or that they do not exist.

The personality test that follows will reveal your hidden or subconscious fears that make you dread the future and that cause you to have a lot of uncertainty about your relationships with others and especially with your partner. It is what you will see first in the image that will emphasize your secret fears.

An image that contains multiple figures

Personality test what you see 1st in the picture will reveal your fears in a relationship

With its beautiful colors and the way it was drawn, the image is reminiscent of one of those works of art painted by famous artists and which are usually kept in museums. Have you watched it? We recommend that before you continue reading, remember and even write down what you saw first as soon as you laid eyes on it. Now that it’s done, take a closer look at the image.

You have certainly noticed it, it is indeed an optical illusion. The illustration actually has several elements. Concretely, the image is composed of several figures: an apple as well as a face inside which we can see a seated naked woman and an artist wearing a hat.

Each of these designs has a meaning. Thanks to this isthe one you noticed first is going to help you understand your biggest fears when it comes to love and relationships.

What did you spot first in the illustration?

The artist

You are terrified that you have to put your partner’s needs before your own and that he or she will use that against you.

seated nude woman

You fear being rejected if the person(s) you care about the most manages to lift the veil on who you really are.


The apple reveals fear about the fact that you fear that if your partner knows how much you love him or her that he or she will become so important in your life that you won’t have time to devote to yourself.

face with closed eyes

You are afraid of having your heart broken.

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