Personality test: finally discover what the shape of your eyebrows reveals about you!

The eyebrows are the umbrella of the gaze. They constitute one of the most important parts of our face so that we do not hesitate to sculpt them or to make them up to sublimate and embellish our eyes.

But do you know that this small hairy area located above each of our two eyes can also reveal many things about our personality?

The test that we invite you to discover in this article is based on research and an in-depth study carried out by experts in the interpretation of facial features. Experts are unanimous: the shape of our eyebrows can tell us a lot about our personality.

Personality test what the shape of your eyebrows reveals about you
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Answers to your choice: what is the shape of your eyebrows?

The curved eyebrows

Eyebrows that form an angle or are curved are the sign of a perfectionist character.. If you are one of those who have this kind of eyebrows, you will also certainly be delighted to know that this trait indicates a kind, attentive and delicate person who always seeks to please others and those around them. In addition, people with curved eyebrows also have a keen sense of observation and creativity.

straight eyebrows

Straight eyebrows evoke a strong and realistic personality trait. This form indicates a person who favors logic over emotions and who always gives himself time to think carefully before making a decision. People come to you and trust you because you are someone you can count on.

The pointed eyebrows

People with pointed eyebrows are born leaders. This type of eyebrows is a sign of a competitive and ambitious character trait. You are shrewd and you hate losing. You are also the kind of fun-loving person with a good sense of humor. These aspects of your personality make you very appreciated by those around you.

Low eyebrows

People people usually have low eyebrows. This characteristic means that you are a person of good company and that you are driven by great optimism in your interactions with others. You give off a positive wave that those around you feel with each contact. People value you for your loyalty and ability to help and support others so they can achieve their goals.

High eyebrows

High eyebrows reflect a rather shy and reserved person. You belong to the category of introverted people. You find it difficult to get used to others and you find it difficult to trust. Those aspects of your personality make you believe that you are an unsociable person. In reality, you are a perfectionist and a great sentimentalist.

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