Pension reform: “very targeted cuts”, free, restoration of current, lowering of tariffs … the actions planned by the CGT this Thursday and Friday

Cuts in electricity production, in nuclear and hydropower in particular, could occur on Thursday and Friday when a call for a strike in the sector was launched on these two days to protest against the pension reform, indicated this Wednesday at Reuters Fabrice Coudour, national secretary at the National Federation of Mines and Energy (FNME) CGT.

“We are on a call for a 48-hour strike. We want to take positive action – free, restoring power, lowering prices”did he declare.

“Despite everything, there will certainly be production cuts, perhaps from tonight but probably more tomorrow, in nuclear and hydraulics in particular, without going so far as to impact users.”

“Very targeted cuts”

I can’t tell you that there won’t be very targeted cuts, I don’t think so, but I can’t be sure“, he continued.

Strikes in nuclear maintenance are being considered but nothing has been finalized yet, added the union official.

The CGT Petroleum also called for a 48-hour strike on Thursday and Friday to protest against the government’s pension reform plan.

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