Paulo Fonseca looks back on LOSC’s draw against Stade Brestois 29

Held in check at Francis-Le Blé, LOSC returned empty-handed from their trip to Brittany. After the meeting, Paulo Fonseca returned to the performance of his players.

In words transcribed by The Voice of Sportsthe Portuguese coach of LOSC was frustrated, but wanted to encourage his players for their behavior: “It’s different, I think we played well, with a good attitude. But it was a difficult match, because Brest played very defensively. We have 4-5 chances, if we just score one goal it changes everything. This part is different, Brest did not offer much and we had to find the solution. Every game is different, what we can do is keep working. We are looking for domination, like tonight, but we know that against teams like Brest, we have to adapt. It’s true that it’s two points lost, but we didn’t lose the match and that’s important too. We are halfway through the season. I’m happy with what the players did, including tonight. »

For the Dogues coach, the nature of the match made the use of spaces in the axis of the field more complicated: “It’s very difficult to play by returning to the heart of the game, that’s why we ask them to dismiss. It was complicated but I liked the attitude of the team, this group shows a lot of courage and I’m not going to start worrying. We are only halfway through the season. It was the lack of added time that we blamed. I really like refereeing in France, no worries about that, but we saw during the World Cup that it was possible to really put the actual playing time, to add minutes at the end. There, we did not even play the 5 minutes while there are changes on each side and other phases where the game is stopped. »

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