Pas-de-Calais: three cashiers forgot to scan the items of their loved ones, thousands of euros flew away

The Intermarché store in Loos-en-Gohelle (Pas-de-Calais) would have lost “tens of thousands of euros” according to him, because of three cashiers, reports La Voix du Nord. The latter pretended to pass the barcodes of the items to lighten the receipt of their loved ones.

Three cashiers took advantage of the system in Pas-de-Calais. Aged 25 to 35, they took advantage of their position to discreetly forget to scan the barcodes of the articles, reports La Voix du Nord. They would have allowed their loved ones to save hundreds of euros at each checkout.

More than two months of investigation

It took more than two months of investigation at the Lens police station to update this fraud case, reveals The voice of the North. The method was simple: pretend to scan the barcodes and use the “beep” of the other checkouts so as not to arouse suspicion. It was “almost impossible to realize it”, confides a source close to the file to our colleagues.

The deception worked like clockwork until last October. One of the three friends forced to open a case applied her scheme. But unexpectedly, a superior asked him to check his cash register by comparing the value of the trolley. Management immediately noticed a problem, says The Dispatch.

Video games, food…

After one of the cashiers confessed, the three women were fired for serious misconduct. According to La Voix du Nord, about twenty people have benefited from this fraud. In total, the Intermarché store concerned would have lost several tens of thousands of euros, details La Dépêche. Video games, household appliances and food products would have been offered. Relatives did not hesitate to pass with up to three carts.

“We were not aware that it was going to take on such a scale”, admits the management to our colleagues from La Voix du Nord. The cashiers are expected to be heard in court in the coming weeks. They could be tried for concealment of theft.

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