Paris: the ground gives way in the middle of a concert at the Maison de la Radio, no serious injuries to deplore

The videos (posted here Where the) relayed on social networks show a certain amazement of the crowd, which struggles at first to understand what has just happened. The singer himself appears initially disconcerted, not realizing that part of the ground had just slipped away. He then immediately stops his song, while the spectators seek to help those affected. If they were taken care of and then taken to the hospital by the firefighters, no significant injuries were to be deplored.

Shortly before midnight Saturday evening, Radio France confirmed “only in one of the spaces of the Maison de la Radio et de la Musique”a slab of the ground had “sagging”. The space was therefore “closed to the public” through “security measure”. An expertise has been hired by the Maison de la Radio to find out the reasons for this collapse.


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