Paris 2024: more than 2.5 million ticket requests

A solidarity ticket office

The lucky winners of the first ticketing phase will have the opportunity to participate in the purchase of tickets for young people and families supported by Secours Populaire. When paying for their packs, they can tick the box for solidarity ticketing and donate €2. This idea of ​​solidarity ticketing has been supported for six years by the entrepreneur Alexandre Mars, member of the board of directors of Paris 2024, which promotes the sharing economy.
The association, which helps 1.3 million people in France and around the world, hopes that tens of thousands of young people and families will benefit from the Olympic and Paralympic Games. The promoters do not risk giving a number of sesames offered because “ this has never been done in the world “, emphasizes Alexandre Mars. The administrator is certain, however, that Paris 2024 and its solidarity ticket office will inspire Los Angeles 2028. It’s up to us to make it a subject because the world has changed “, he underlines.


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