Papin points out what Bamba Dieng is missing!

Recruited by Pablo Longoria to make the link between the management and the players, Jean Pierre Papin gave an interview to Provence, he notably mentions the Bamba Dieng case.

In a long interview granted to Provence, Jean-Pierre Papin covers several themes including that of Bamba Dieng. For him, the Senegalese striker just needs a click, less rushing in front of goal…

Bamba, he doesn’t have 50,000 weak points, he just needs a click

“Dieng? I haven’t seen him play enough to have an opinion. But I see what he is capable of in training, he is very fast, he keeps the ball well. He lacks scoring goals to pass a milestone. I think he’s frustrated that he can’t score, even though he creates chances. We all experienced that when we were players. (…) OM have passionate supporters, but also connoisseurs. And here, from the moment you wet the jersey, you are forgiven a lot. When you understood that, you understood a lot of things. You have to work on your weaknesses to correct them. But to come back to Bamba, he doesn’t have 50,000 weak points, he just needs a click, to score one or two goals. He knows how to do I think he rushes too much because he would like to score this goal but he can’t. » Jean-Pierre Papin – source: Provence (18/01/2023)

Bamba Dieng has had a very eventful summer. The Senegalese international had little playing time with Tudor and seemed on the way out. Finally in recent weeks, the reports seem to have reversed. According to the words of his former coach at Diambars, Bruno Rohart, OM now seeks to extend the player who would be in a position of strength.

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“I know he is a reliable and very serious boy. The proof is that OM are changing their tune. They realized they had made a mistake. Now, Olympique de Marseille will do everything to extend it. Their balance of power is being reversed. It is he who now has things in hand. It’s up to him to make the decisions they think are best.” Bruno Rohart – Source: (01/13/23)

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Dieng will start, I will use him more than the first part of the season

“Gigot is not yet available, his concussion has not recovered. Clauss either. Payet was absent from training. There were 14/15 players today. Ruben Blanco is a goalkeeper who made a good impression on me. He will play on Saturday. Ben Seghir is not going to start this game. Dieng will start, I will use him more than the first part of the season because he is very strong. » Igor Tudor – Source: Press conference (05/01/2023)

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