Pamela Anderson victim of abuse by her babysitter: “I tried to kill her”

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Pamela Anderson hasn’t had an easy life. The star of Alerte à Malibu therefore returned to her difficult childhood and the abuse she suffered.

Known for her flagship role in Baywatch, Pamela Anderson has had a great rise. Fitness teacher in her early days, she quickly made the front page of many magazines. Starting with Playboy, in the 80s. Leaving her native Canada for Los Angeles, she obtained the role of her life in the series, titled in English, Baywatch. She therefore embodies CJ, Casey Jean, dressed in a red swimsuit with the most beautiful effect. If fans remember her slow-motion runs on the beach, her dreamy physique and her acting skills, few know Pam’s flaws. 55 years old todaythe icon of the 90s is back on the important stages of his life, including the dark ones. On January 31, 2023, a documentary about her will be released on Netflix. She then evokes a childhood trauma…

“I was leaving my body and floating in my own world”

“I’ve been through horrible things, little one”, said Pamela Anderson in the documentary in question. And for good reason, the young woman knew, in her childhood, a terrible babysitter. When she was between 4 and 8 years old, she suffered her abuse, despite her protests. “My parents thought she was great because she brought presents, but she abused me. It lasted three or four years. She told me not to say anythingwe learn. During these traumatic moments, I left my body and floated in my own world. I was digging a tunnel to China and I said to myself: ‘I hate that. I want to leave from here’ “. Chilling remarks from the mouth of the blonde still bruised by these treatments. Alas, his wounds do not seem to have completely closed, years later. Although it is life-saving for Pamela to speak openly about it.

Pamela Anderson is producing a Netflix documentary about her life

Pamela Anderson abused by her nanny: “I wished her death and she died”

But Pamela Anderson wasn’t the only victim in all of this. Indeed, his little brother could also have suffered the assaults of their nanny. “I tried to protect my brother. I tried to kill her stab her in the heart with barley sugarshe admits. I told her I wanted her dead and she died in a car accident the next day ». A twist of fate which is therefore entirely the fruit of chance. Nevertheless, the star emeritus of the small screen has long believed that she was responsible for the death of her babysitter. Like a secret that she had to keep all her life, in short. “I thought I had killed her by magic and that I couldn’t tell anyone about it, support the star. I was sure I was guilty. I wished her dead and she died. I lived with this all my childhood”she continues.

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