Pamela Anderson opens up about sexual assault from her babysitter

In the documentary Pamela, a Love Storywhich will be available on Netflix from Tuesday January 31, the actress looks back on the sexual abuse she allegedly suffered in her childhood, in particular from her former nanny.

“I lived horrible things, small”, she begins. In the documentary Pamela, a Love Storywhich will be available on netflix Tuesday, January 31, pamela anderson confides in his tormented childhood. She mentions in particular the sexual abuse that his babysitter would have made him undergo from his 4 to his 8 years. “My parents thought she was great because she brought gifts, but she abused me, she says in the program. It lasted three or four years. She told me not to say anything. Before adding: “During these traumatic moments, I left my body and floated in my own world. I was digging a tunnel to China and I was like, “I hate this. I want to get out of here.” I thought I had to leave the island (from Vancouver, Editor’s note)“.

“I tried to protect my brother”

A situation that the little girl could no longer bear. “I tried to protect my brother, remembers Pamela Anderson. I tried to kill her, stab her in the heart with a candy cane. I told her I wanted her dead, and she died in a car accident the next day.”

A disappearance for which the little girl then feels responsible: “I thought I had killed her by magic and that I could not speak to anyone about it, supports the star. I was sure I was guilty. I wished her dead and she died. I lived with it all my childhood.” This episode, which she already related on the show “Piers Morgan Life Stories” in March 2018, will leave him with multiple scars – especially as a teenager. “I was ashamed of my body and of what had happened to me”, underlines the actress.

“He was 25, I was 12”

A documentary in which Pamela Anderson also confides in the rape she allegedly experienced at the age of 12. “A friend had a crush on a much older boy, wrote Pamela Anderson at the time, in her diary, read in the Netflix documentary. We went to a friend’s house. She followed that boy upstairs.” Before continuing: “I started playing backgammon with his friend while waiting for him. We played for a while, then he offered me a massage. He was 25, I was 12. He raped me.” At the time, the young girl was silent, for fear of hurting her mother.

“I tried to forget, says Pamela Anderson in the program. But I felt like it was tattooed on my forehead. (…) It was also my first sexual experience, so… It disturbed me a lot. It made me shy and complexed. His first photo session, organized in September 1989, will allow him to regain power, and to reclaim his body. “It was the first time I felt liberated,” says the actress. A shoot that would mark the beginning of a flourishing career.

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