One eyebrow higher than the other!

Guest of the show Chez Jordan, Catherine Nay had the opportunity to address many topics. From Bernadette Chirac to insults on social networks via her mother, the journalist gave herself up like never before against Jordan de Luxe. Without taboo, she also evoked the passage of time and the way in which she is now concerned about her age. “Until now, I never thought about my age and now I think about it a little more. I don’t know who said ‘we are counting the years left to live’. We pass caps and since the death of my husband, I think about it more “she confided before engaging in the operations of cosmetic surgeries to which she had recourse in order to give the illusion of a second youth.

A failed operation

“I did little things”she said before talking about a failed intervention. “I had Botox one day and I have one eyebrow that rose higher than the other”. Far from hiding, Catherine Nay assumes that she wanted to change her face. “Everyone does it (surgery, editor’s note), but not all the time. The problem is that you have to know how to dose and there comes a time when you have to stop. We see actresses who do not know how to stop…”

Subsequently, the wife of Albin Chalandon confided in the death of her husband which occurred in July 2020. “The age difference was not a problem, at the start, I did not know how long our affair was going to last, and then at his house it became difficult, he was a minister, and he came to my house, it is an intimacy complicated to reveal, but the secret was kept, things happened secretly. At 100 years old, he was tired, but he had a sharp mind, I can’t manage to fill that gap at all! » Touching confidences.


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