on the verge of tears, Samy Naceri talks about his descent into hell after the success of Taxi (VIDEO)

This Thursday, January 5, Cyril Hanouna received Samy Naceri in Do not touch My TV on C8. With him, he returned to his acting career, marked by the success of the saga Taxi. But when talking about his daily life after the film, the actor was taken by emotion.

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Cyril Hanouna was back this Thursday, January 5 at the controls of a new number of Do not touch My TV on C8. After bringing the public and the columnists out to enjoy a one-on-one with a spectator, animator has received Samy Naceri on the tray. The opportunity to come back with him on his career, marked in particular by his role in the saga Taxi. It’s because of Luc Besson that it was catapulted to stardom after the release of the first installment, in 1998.”I see the work that has been accomplished over the years, then the work with Luc, he hasn’t let us down (…) I owe him a lot. I knew that with Luc Besson, I was in a big machine, I knew that I was going to live an extraordinary adventure (…) It was a success and I lived an extraordinary adventure“, he confided.

I went up super fast and suddenly, I didn’t understand anything

Following his stint on the show, Samy Naceri answered questions from Cyril Hanouna. “At some point, after this success, did you freak out?” he asked her. Taken by emotion, the 61-year-old actor could not immediately answer the host’s question. “Of course it’s difficult, because…“, he began before stopping, with tears in his eyes. After listening to an anecdote about him told by his friend and producer Eric AtlanSamy Naceri was able to pick up the thread of his remarks.

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Samy Naceri jealous in his career, he tells

Earlier, you sent me a little emotion, it reminded me of things. It went up too fast, you fart all of a sudden and you weren’t prepared for it (…) If you are not surrounded by your family, solid people around you (…) Every day we see freeloaders, if you don’t have real people around you, you go up and you blow up everything because it’s going too fast, and I went up super fast and all of a sudden, I didn’t understand a thing. Then you don’t really listen and then you slip“. A success that bred jealousies, as he explained next.”You make people jealous (…) In France, unlike other countries, you are quickly jealous (…) In addition to the origins we have, we have less room for error than others , have to be really be irreproachable“.

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