Olivia Gayat (Large families) still “traumatized”, she tells her big fright with Kayden to raise awareness among her subscribers

It’s in Large families: life in XXL that Olivia Gayat was discovered. Thanks to her participation, the young woman gained visibility. Since, she became an influencer and still continues to share behind the scenes of her daily life on social networks, although she no longer appears on screen. Thus, Internet users were able to follow her marriage to Sorabut also his rant against his sister’s school after the latter was bullied at school.

A traumatic memory

If she has been able to take advantage lately ofa fabulous family trip to Reunion, the end-of-year celebrations were not all rosy for the Gayats. On Christmas Eve, Olivia Gayat found herself facing a traumatic situation with her son Kayden. “I would like to discuss a serious subject with you. To warn, warn and inform because it happened to me on December 24th and it traumatized me : seizure. On December 24, so New Year’s Eve, my little heart was sick. He had been sick for a few weeks already, on antibiotics, etc. As a result, he had a fever and nasopharyngitis as well., she confided this Saturday, January 21. It was on returning from SOS M├ędecins that the young woman saw her child’s condition worsen while she was driving. Things suddenly escalated.

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“Total Horror”

Olivia Gayat turns around and sees a terrifying scene. “And there, total horror: I see my son tensehands towards the face, like this, eyes throbbing up, shaking all over, and foam coming out of mouth. […] He was convulsing, he was shaking. I got out of the car with my son in the middle of the night,” she detailed. Olivia Gayat struggled to recover. “I had the fear of my life, I thought I was losing my son”, confessed the beautiful brunette. Firefighters came shortly after. Eventually, the influencer learned that it was all more impressive than serious. In this kind of situation, it is necessary above all to discover the child and to make sure to cool him down. To conclude, Olivia Gayat wanted to be reassuring and sent a message to her son: “Today is going well, but my mommy heart has been through so much since you arrived, and I know I’m not the only one. Strength to all parents in the world. Know that mom keeps an eye on you and will always be there.” How cute !

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Article written in collaboration with 6medias.

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