Notes: Athletic Club – Real Madrid

Real Madrid faced Athletic today in La Liga matchday 18. Here are the notes attributed by our editorial staff to the people of Madrid.

Courteous: 7.5 – Another very solid performance from the Belgian. He made two decisive saves, against Paredes then Yuri. He deserves his clean sheet.

Nacho: 7.5 – Again aligned on the right, Nacho has perhaps produced the best performance of a Real Madrid side this season. He was extremely solid defensively and was also dangerous on the other side of the pitch.

Rudiger: 6 – There are always problems with the recovery, with the ball. However, he was very good in duels and attentive.

Military: 7.5 – In line with the last games, the Brazilian has been very strong and an insurmountable wall.

Mendy: 6 – There was better for the French, who found the defensive solidity that we know him. Offensively too, he projected himself well two or three times.

⭐️ Camavinga: 7.5 – This is undoubtedly Camavinga’s reference match as a starter with Real. He lost 3 or 4 disturbing balls but his performance was level in front of the defense. A good use of the ball overall and a lot of recoveries to his credit.

Valverde: 6.5 – He struggled at the start of the game under the opposing pressure but showed his advantage as the match progressed. He made a lot of defensive efforts and he is involved in both goals.

Ceballos : 6.5 – He didn’t hide and was good overall. A lot of activity and combativeness in the middle to recover balls, forward play and few lost balls. He was up to it.

Asensio: 7 – Finally, we could see Marco Asensio with freedom in attack and the Spaniard delivered a good performance. He was available between the lines and combined well with his partners. To review.

Vinicius: 5 – Voluntary and dangerous as always but the Brazilian failed to make a big difference today. Lately, he also tends to get lost when responding to provocations.

Benzema: 7.5 – We found the Benzema efficient at the start of the year and he is also in the process of regaining his influence in the game. He was key and his goal is simply exceptional.

Ancelotti: 7 – He followed the trends and made the fittest elements play. As a result, the performance was better and the victory relatively convincing against a complicated opponent. Real had the responder who was lacking physically and in terms of commitment.

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