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PARIS, FRANCE - NOVEMBER 21: Daniel Auteuil and his wife Aude Ambroggi attend the

Daniel Auteuil, much older than his companion: “Everyone doesn’t care”. (Photo by Stephane Cardinale – Corbis/Corbis via Getty Images)

Main actor of the film “Who loves me follows me!”, broadcast this Monday January 9, 2023 on TF1, Daniel Auteuil no longer needs to find love. He has shared for almost 19 years the life of Aude Ambroggi, 27 years his junior. A significant age difference, which he decided not to make an obstacle.

French actor, director, singer-songwriter and director… Daniel Auteuil is one of those artists who like to touch a bit of everything. The actor is known for his many roles which have earned him the most prestigious awards. But he’s also long had a reputation as a ladies’ man, though for nearly 20 years there’s only been one that has made his heart beat. “I loved women passionately. But Aude is something else. I loved her before being in love,” he said in the columns of Paris Match in 2018.

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A love story with difficult beginnings

When he talks about his girlfriend Aude Ambroggi, it’s always with a lot of poetry: “There is something light in his look that immediately touched me. I understood very quickly that I missed his lightness, that’s how I I knew I loved her.” The actor fell in love with the Corsican artist-painter at first sight, and if they are both in the artistic world, they do not mix their careers, preferring to learn from each other: “Our professions are complementary but we have two totally different worlds. Aude never takes care of what I do until it’s finished. I’m not going to tell her to put a little more red or blue in her paintings… But thanks to his profession, I learned a lot about the frame and the light.”

But behind the poetry hide complicated beginnings, in particular because of their age difference. Daniel Auteuil is 27 years older than the one who shares his life. As a result, he hesitated a lot before starting a relationship with her. “At the start, in front of the age difference, we have a form of lucidity and we say to ourselves: no, no, no”, he affirmed in the columns of the magazine Notre Temps. But he finally succumbed, and if he was entitled to a few remarks, he does not really take them into account: “I let it happen, it doesn’t matter. I evolve in an environment where everyone doesn’t care. society is changing. We’re not old the same way anymore. I haven’t lost any friends because of the age difference between my wife and me.”

A late wedding, and a baby

He who does not believe in the institution of marriage, especially after two divorces with Emmanuelle Beart and Anne Jousset, finally agreed to pass the ring on his finger by Aude Ambroggi, the year of his 56 years. “It was the only virginal thing I could offer Aude. It was our way of sealing a pact between us, for a long time. But that doesn’t prevent the biggest cause of divorce from being marriage!” Three years after this union, when the actor was about to celebrate his 60th birthday, his wife gave him a son, Zachary. Daniel Auteuil’s third child, but his first son.

Having a child at age 60 (today there are 72, editor’s note), it is not necessarily easy to manage, but the movie star savors this new fatherhood with happiness. “It’s not this child that helps me stay young. Besides, I don’t want to stay young,” he told Notre Temps. “I only want one thing: to become a great old man. Life interests me at all stages… What I want is to be here as long as possible.” And to conclude with happiness: “Zach, it’s an extra ride.”

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