“Never without my retro”, “We had a great year”: internet users happy to discover the show’s retrospective

This Saturday, December 31, Nikos Aliagas looks back on a busy 2022.

This Saturday, December 31, Nikos Aliagas looks back on a busy year 2022.

For this last program of the year, on TF1, the program 50’Inside returned to the various subjects covered throughout the year 2022. Internet users were captivated by this review of the news for the year 2022 alongside Nikos Aliagas.

L’emission is well filled. This Saturday, December 31, 50’Inside is doing a major retrospective of its year 2022. On the program: the man of the year, the meeting of the year, the couple of the year or even the destination of the year. For the man of the year, Tom Cruise was chosen. The sequence looks back on this man with an impressive success story and on the promotion of the last Top Gun. On this subject, he explains: “Everyone wanted a new Top Gun. Every evening, I wondered how I could do it”. Indeed, it is this film that made him a planetary icon.

The tribute of the year is devoted to Jean-Pierre Pernaut. We look back on his extraordinary career and the people who surrounded him, like his wife, Nathalie Marquay. Everyone speaks of him as a “simple”, “sincere in his relationship with his wife”, “honest” or even “authentic” person. The journalist left us on March 2.

The minute of Nikos Aliagas

Jean Dujardin, the encounter of the year

The interview chosen by 50’Inside as “the meeting of the year” is that of Jean Dujardin, which celebrated its 50th anniversary this year. Nikos Aliagas and him come back together on his career, on his Oscar since he was the first French actor to win the statuette. At this point, he explains, “I don’t feel like it’s me.” According to him, this prize did not make him the best actor of the year: “We were an actor, at one time, in a film which aroused a certain enthusiasm”.

Finally, the couple of the year focuses on Charles and Camilla. A return to their complicated love story, which has long been controversial. For the destination of the year, 50’Inside flies to Polynesia. Internet users particularly liked this retrospective of the year, whether it was the tribute to Jean-Pierre Pernaut or the interview with Jean Dujardin, the emotion was there.

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