Netflix: in 2023, it will be forbidden to share your account

The year 2023 promises to be rich in changes. Netflix will be one of the major examples: the company wants to ban password sharing.

Netflix had already reviewed its subscriptions, particularly with regard to prices and the catalog. It was only recently that we were able to see the arrival of a new subscription to 5.99 euros/month. So far, nothing new except the price. Well no, this subscription includes advertising while watching programs. The film and series platform does not intend, a priori, to stop there.

Indeed, Netflix would like, by 2023, prohibit password sharing. With a year where the turnover fell and the considerable drop in the number of subscribers, the American giant wants to recover. Many users then used the account of a colleague or loved one to watch films and/or series on the platform, without paying a penny. In free fall, Netflix wants to remedy this.

pay to share

Now it will take pay to be able to share your account. So rest assured, the moon will not be asked of you. However, if we wish to share our password, we will have to pay a small additional around 3 dollars, i.e. 2.81 euros. This measure has already been tested in some countries. Also, it could be that the platform simply forces you to take another account, with a cheaper subscription, so that someone else can benefit from it.

Netflix ignored sharing passwords for a while, despite it breaking their terms of service. The problem was going to arise at some point. Netflix’s recent troubles have forced the company to find new ways to increase revenue and grow subscribers. Netflix lost over a million subscribers between April and July, which is more than at any other time in the platform’s history.

Today is approx. 222 million households that share the same password. The company wants to charge 100 million additional homes.

An unprofitable subscription

The new advertising policy was put in place to increase the number of people who decide to join the streaming service. It is said to be slow to start, according to The Verge. In November, Netflix offered a package Basic with Adsi.e. the subscription that includes ads, and it’s only 9% of its subscribers in the United States who use it. This is the least popular plan among the subscription options offered by Netflix.

Sharing your password: a risk?

Many people share their streaming service password with each other. This allows someone else to illegally watch videos on one of these services. People often choose easy-to-remember passwords that they pick up from service to service. There are several useful features available in many password managers that can help people share those passwords securely. However, many people don’t know about these features or don’t use a password manager at all.

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