Naomi Osaka is pregnant: the father of her baby is a star and has a link with… Orelsan!

I realize that life is so short and I don’t take any moment for granted, every day is a new blessing and a new adventure“, adds the sportswoman who is also known for her progressive discourse on the mental health of athletes.2023 will be a year full of lessons for me and I hope to see you again at the start of the next one as I will be at the Australian Open 2024“, she adds, more determined than ever.

If Naomi Osaka has not confirmed the identity of the father, the lowest rating is to the credit of the one who has shared his life for two years now, the American rapper Cordae. He has been her companion since 2021. The couple then met during an NBA game in Los Angeles. Since then, they have not left each other and regularly display their love on their respective social networks.

A respected hit rapper

Cordae, who originally called himself YBN Cordae, is a rapper renowned for his technical and sophisticated music, who is the same age as Naomi Osaka. He started rapping in the 2010s and became known as much with his collective YBN as with his covers of US rap classics, which quickly created a buzz across the Atlantic and drew attention to him. After numerous collaborations with pillars of the American scene, he released his first album The Lost Boy in July 2019, a record that was well received by critics and the public. His second opus, From a Birds Eye Viewwas released last year, on January 14 precisely, and will celebrate its first candle.

But in France, Cordae also enjoys a good reputation among rap fans, and in particular among Orelsan fans. Indeed, the two men collaborated together in 2018. The rapper from Caen had unveiled the reissue of his third album, The Party’s Over – Epilogue. And from the second track of this new effort, we could find Cordae on the title All that I know. A featuring which then shed light on the American artist, who also accompanied Orel on a few dates.

If he knows success on an artistic level, it also seems to accompany him on a personal level. Let’s put the conditional in this story, however, because Cordae did not make any statement to her on her social networks after the announcement of Naomi Osaka’s pregnancy. In addition, the photos of the two lovebirds together have been either archived or deleted from their respective social networks. So be careful, because from there to imagine that there is water in the gas and that the father of Naomi Osaka’s future child is another man, there is only one step that is very easy to cross.

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