Monaco, a reserve like no other

A week ago, Eliesse Ben Seghir was not playing in any Championship. At 17, the one who dazzled Ligue 1 with a double in his first appearance in the elite, in Auxerre (3-2, Wednesday), did not play in 19 Nationals, but not either in N2 or N3, where the reserves of the other L1 clubs evolve. The first part of the season, however, it is well with the team 2 of AS Monaco that he spent it. Or rather with its “elite group”, as the Principality club renamed it last summer. “In six months, Eliesse has accumulated very high intensity matches, facing various oppositions, with trips… Everything he finds in the 1st team, details the coach of this “elite group” Damien Perrinelle. I’m sure it helped him. »


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