Miscellaneous: news from Yoann Gourcuff

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Withdrawn since January 2019 and the termination of his contract in Dijon, Yoann Gourcuff has, it seems, moved away from the world of professional football. And yet, his former teammate in Bordeaux, Marouane Chamakh, remains convinced that the former attacking midfielder will return to the field sooner or later.

“I have good news from him. Not every day, but I had him six months ago for example. He is doing very well and he is happy. Maybe he will come back to football. It’s up to him to say. (…) We have a good relationship with Yoann. We have a bit of the same mentality, that is to say that he has put football aside a little bit. He devotes himself to his family life, to his daughter. But everything is fine for him. He has no worries. And it is not because he is less interested in football that he is less well “, explained the ex-attacker of the Girondins, champion of France in 2009 with Gourcuff, on Canal+ Afrique.

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