Merchant king of the soil, overpowering Meafou: the barometer of Sale-Toulouse

CHAMPIONS CUP – Author of multiple decisive scratches, Julien Marchand was still huge in the fight during the victory of Stade Toulouse in Sale (27-5). Alexandre Roumat, with his ease in the aerial game, and Emmanuel Meafou, whose power has wreaked havoc, were also great architects of this great success.


Julien Marchand

When a team can’t manage to put their game in place and put their stamp on a match, which was the case for Stade Toulousain for a long time this Saturday before taking off, you often have to go back to basics. But, in this sector, the Rouge et Noir can always count on Julien Marchand. The hooker is surely the best player in the world in the ground game right now and has proven it again. Author of three decisive scratches, he reigned in the rucks and offered precious ammunition to his team.

Alexandre Roumat

As for Marchand in the ruck war, the aerial sector was obviously essential in such a match. And, in this area, it was Alexandre Roumat who reigned, as is regularly the case. In particular, author of a magnificent counter on a fairly hot opposing touch at the start of the second half, he was the privileged jumper in the Toulouse line-up. Impeccable each time, he relieved his partners. Also very available in the game, he tried to play behind him, even if it was not always possible.

Emmanuel Meafou

Admittedly, he was expensive at the start of the match when he was penalized for a late charge on the Sharks scrum-half which allowed the English to find an interesting penalty and register the first try of the game. But, after that, he was the real spearhead of Toulouse. Very often served on the first times of play, he always advanced on impact and put his opponents to the torture. Its power was an ordeal to counter for Sale players.

Arron Reed

Not easy to play winger in this kind of meeting, especially when his team is quickly reduced to fourteen. But we must recognize that Arron Reed was able to highlight the rare ammunition he had in his possession. Yet not served in ideal conditions, he constantly “dezoned” to pick up balls and, thanks to his support and his speed, managed to regularly place the Toulouse defense on the back foot.

The flops:

Robert du Preez

The Sharks failed to take advantage of the strong wind they had at their back in the first half to make a big difference to the score. And he is partly to blame. Already, the Sale opener did not convert the transformation on the only try of his people, registered quickly, when she was largely in his ropes. Then, he should have been more effective in the occupation on foot, especially since his training was outnumbered. For example, he sent a ball directly into a dead ball which brought his people back to their own camp.

Champions Cup - Robert du Preez (Sale Sharks)

Champions Cup – Robert du Preez (Sale Sharks)
PA Images / Icon Sport – PA Images / Icon Sport

Cobus Wiese

He will have spent only nineteen minutes on the ground. Indeed, the South African second line was guilty of an illicit and above all dangerous clearing for Dorian Aldegheri. Arrived on the side of the regrouping, the Sharks player plunged into the legs of the right pillar, which is strictly prohibited and could have earned him a serious injury. After viewing the footage, match referee Mr. Adamson showed the red card to Cobus Wiese, who left his partners at fourteen.

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