Mercato PSG: Skriniar says no to its leaders! – Transfers

While Inter Milan seemed confident to extend their defender Milan Skriniar, the Inter leaders have just taken a cold shower. Indeed, according to Italian media such as Sky Sportsthe Slovak rear guard has just communicated that he refused the offer put on the table with a salary increase and thus declines an extension of his contract which runs until June.

Skriniar would like an annual salary of 8 M€, while Inter offers him 6.5 M€ (compared to the 3.8 M€/year he currently receives) and cannot go above. Information which thus revives the PSG track knowing that the Slovak already has a contractual agreement with Paris Saint-Germain. A response that cringes on the side of the country of the Boot because Inter Milan, persuaded to resign their player, had refused an offer from PSG of 60 M € (bonus included) this summer.


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