Meghan Markle, new life without Harry, Surprising turnaround with Kate Middleton, he is sorry for everything

Meghan Markle would not forgive Prince Harry because of a concession to Kate Middleton and Prince William, as well as other members of the royal family. He would have apologized! His wife would be amazed.

Prince William and Prince Harry were once very close, but they are now distant from each other. However, it looks like there is a chance that they will reconcile soon.

Preparations for the next big ceremony, the coronation of their father, King Charles, which will take place next May, have already started in London.

The sovereign would like with all his heart that his children bury the hatchet. A meeting would be scheduled for April.

Will this happen after 3 years of friction? Perhaps according to information from Frau Actuel, who understands that the two brothers could take a step towards each other.

Prince Harry would also be ready to go to Kate Middleton. And that, Meghan Markle could not bear it.
“It would seem that Kate, William’s wife, has reconnected with him. The former best friends regularly exchange messages and phone calls. Kate would like the monarchy, with her and her husband as future king, to return to its former glory. This will only be possible if the whole family is united,” the publication states.

The prospect of a cordial agreement would not be to the taste of Meghan Markle, who would also prepare her memoirs. His unboxing would be upset by this unboxing.

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