McDonalds: from 4 to almost 7 euros, where is the cheapest Big Mac sold in France?

In a survey published this Sunday, January 22, Le Parisien identified the prices of Big Macs, a sandwich sold by McDonald’s in France.

This is THE flagship burger from McDonald’s: the Big Mac. And the cost of the most famous sandwich in the world varies in each country. For the American weekly The Economist, it is a true index of purchasing power. However, it is difficult to verify this hypothesis with certainty, knowing that the price of the Big Mac can vary within the same city, details The Parisian.

How can such a discrepancy be explained?

The location of the restaurant matters a lot. And the difference can sometimes be noticeable. If the average price of the burger is 5.40 euros, the most expensive, with an identical recipe, is sold at Dijon at the price of 6.90 euros. The cheapest is sold for 4.45 euros in Valenciennes.

In fact, each operator is free to apply the tariff of its choice. As the management of McDonald’s France explains to our colleagues, the price policy is determined according to the location of the restaurant, its size, its merchandise area, its field of competition or even the costs of service providers. services they use for the proper functioning of their restaurant.

The American chain’s fast food outlets have been raising their prices lately because of inflation. The French management would however like to specify to the Parisian that this increase remains moderate and that “everything is done to continue to offer attractive and accessible prices” to customers.

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