McDonald’s, Burger King, KFC… reusable tableware thefts are increasing in fast food restaurants

Since its gradual arrival in fast food restaurants last December and January 2023, reusable tableware has been the victim of numerous thefts, both voluntary and involuntary.

Since January 1, 2023, disposable packaging on fast food trays has been replaced by reusable tablewarein order to respect the anti-waste law adopted in January 2020. Problem? For the past few days, in McDonald’s, KFC Burger King or other Subways, certain containers and containers have mysteriously disappeared, victims of theft.

“It’s collector’s item”

If the big brands had prepared for the loss of cutlery and other plates, they had not seen the fashion effect coming causing many thefts.

In an interview at Parisiana 23-year-old student, thief but above all a collector, explains his gesture: “It’s collectible. I had seen photos of the dishes on social networks, this is the first time I have come across it. It will make me a little decorative element.”

“Not disproportionate losses”

However, the loss of crockery cannot be explained solely by these modern-day acts of piracy, but also by awkwardness and oblivion. “The rates are not excessiveas in traditional restaurants” explains Benjamin Peri, the boss of Pyxo, a company which supplies reusable containers to McDonald’s, Sushi Shop or Pomme de Pain, with our colleagues from Parisian.

“Given that this is a world first, some are surprised to see this reusable tableware, and sno doubt they keep some for their house. Sometimes, we even see that containers reappear a few weeks later. It is very difficult to say what is theft, clumsiness and forgetfulness“, analyzes the manager of Pyxo.

Bullets to deter

If geolocation chips have been placed in a few plates and glasses of rare restaurants to know the stock in real time and to avoid a shortage, certain fast-foods divert this argument in order to deter thieves.

A message was thus placed in a restaurant: “Our dishes are equipped with geolocation chips. It is not possible to leave with. You will explain yourself with the 17“.

“We are going to strengthen our communication media and dedicated signage, as well as support from the staff in the dining room”, explains the management of McDonald’s to Parisian. In the meantime, the founder of Pyxo tries to remain optimistic: “We can hope that the fashion phenomenon will pass in a few weeks…

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