Mayors warn of the hardship of the territorial public service

The association of mayors of France (MFA) on Tuesday called on the government to “better take into account the hardship” of the territorial public service, in reaction to the pension reform presented by Elisabeth Borne.

The government must “be more ambitious in taking into account the hardship within the territorial public service”, reacted the AMF in a press release, after the announcement by Elisabeth Borne of a decline in the legal age of leaving at age 64.

“With more than 75% of category C agents, the high difficulty of certain territorial professions has serious consequences in terms of life expectancy, claims and incapacity”, added the influential association of elected officials.

Negotiation with local employers

It is necessary to “take into account the specificities of the territorial public service”, underlines the secretary general of the AMF Murielle Fabre, quoted in the press release.

She hopes that “negotiations with territorial employers will begin as soon as possible, despite the very tight deadlines in which the government is carrying out this reform”.

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