Math challenge: You can do it in 15 seconds with great concentration! Challenge

Are you looking for a stimulating activity to measure yourself and prove your intellectual abilities? IQ tests are a great way to regain motivation and develop problem-solving skills.

Now is the time for a challenge. We offer you a high-level IQ test that has already tested more than half of the participants.

Can you solve this math riddle in 15 seconds?

Daily IQ Challenge

This IQ challenge is of difficult level and requires a good understanding of mathematics. This is a problem that requires determining the value of several objects in order to guess the value of the last one. You will need to determine the value of a basketball and a soccer ball to calculate the result of the last line.

math challenge 1

Before you start calculating, take the time to read carefully and understand what you need to find.

Explanation of the solution to this mathematical challenge

Let’s start with the first line: 18/3 = 6. So, a basketball has a value of 6.

Then we know that 2 basketballs are worth 12 (6 + 6). So a soccer ball has a value of 21. Because 6 + (21 – 15) = 6+6 = 12

Finally, for the last row, we need to calculate 21+(21x(6/2)). Indeed, it is half a basketball, so 6/2 = 3 so the final calculation is 21+(21×3) = 21 + 63 = 84.

The correct answer was B.

This challenge was very difficult and we are proud of those who achieved it. Did you enjoy this challenge? If yes, do not hesitate to share it with your friends and loved ones.

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