Macron confirms a reopening in 2024, where are the works?

Anxious to present to his host “the exceptional French know-how in terms of heritage”, as indicated by the French presidency in a press release, Emmanuel Macron offered the Japanese Prime Minister a visit that no other foreign head of state has had yet carried out, on the construction sites of the reconstruction of the Cathedral ravaged by a fire in 2019. A “symbol”, continued the press release, “of this common desire to rebuild in the face of adversity”.

A reopening to the public in 2024

The reconstruction work of Notre-Dame is continuing actively with the objective of reopening the cathedral to the public in 2024. Sometimes deemed unattainable, the course of reopening in five years was nevertheless a good objective to keep according to the Head of State. : “It’s good to set some because hope must be within reach, and we could not say: you are going to take it for ten or fifteen years”, reports “Le Figaro”. Fumio Kishida said he was “surprised by the speed of the restoration”.

An optimism shared by General Georgelin, president of the public establishment for the reconstruction of Notre-Dame: “The year 2022 has seen spectacular progress”, he rejoiced. on France Inter December 23. At the end of November, the work entered a new stage, with the closing of a first vault, located in the north transept. It was like “closing a wound”, reassured himself Philippe Villeneuve, the chief architect of historical monuments in charge of Notre-Dame, still at the microphone of France Inter.

The arrow again visible in 2023

Over the past year, the site will have been marked by the desalination of the vaults (the firefighters’ water having caused crystallizations which could eventually cause bursts in the stone), the cleaning of the walls and sculpted stones, the restoration of the painted chapels and the great organ, and the beginning of the restoration of the stained glass windows, notes the public establishment in charge of the restoration on his social networks. The scaffolding for the spire has notably been erected, so that according to General Georgelin “during 2023, we will again be able to see the beautiful needle of the spire emerge”.

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