Loyal Magmammoth Mount Guide – World of Warcraft

Several mounts can be picked up across the Dragonflight Dragon Isles. Among them, some have a way of obtaining a little different from the others. You will find below the procedure to follow in order for the Loyal Magmammoth to join your collection.

You will first need to reach the reputation level Sincere friendship nearWrathful and of Sabellian.

Acquire Strong Obsidian Spectacles from Lorena Bellethe steward ofWrathfuland Netherforged Anti-Lava Boots near Samia Notionthe steward of Sabellian.

These objects will be necessary for the acquisition of the Magmammoth Harness nearYries Lestes-Doigtsalso present at the Obsidian Citadelon the side of Iron’s allies.

Find it Tamed Magmammoth at the following location:

  • /way 33.42 72.07 Burning Eminence

*If you can’t get on the Magmammoth, perform a /reload.

Once on the back of it, use the Magmammoth Harness. Congratulations, you now have a new mount in your collection!

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