Lose weight after 50: here are the sports exercises that Brigitte Macron does daily to stay in shape at 69

At the dawn of her 70th birthday, which she will celebrate on April 13, 2023, Brigitte Macron is in better shape than ever. It must be said that the first lady turns out to be a diligent and motivated sportswoman. To maintain her wasp waist and keep fishing, she indeed practices a daily physical activity and the least we can say is that she does not go hand in hand. In the columns of Sthe host’s magazine Sophie Davantthe former professor of letters has lifted the veil on her sports routine a priori very effective.

“To keep myself in shape, I do half an hour of sport a day – alone, without a coach”, she explains, specifying in passing that unlike her boxing husband, she prefers to indulge in cardio training. Already in 2018, the journalist Bertrand Meyer-Stableyauthor of the book The Ladies of the Élysée (Éd. Bartillat) told, in the columns of The Expressthat the wife ofEmmanuel Macron did at least “one hour of exercise bike every day, weight training, floor mats”.

Brigitte Macron: a healthy mind in a healthy body

Sports efforts that obviously go hand in hand with a healthy diet. ” I eat healthy “, summarizes Brigitte Macron without revealing more about the content of her plates. It is rumored, however, that the first lady would have specifically asked the kitchens of the Elysée “a good ratio of fruits and vegetables”.

Brigitte Macron also makes sure to work on her cognitive functions by devoting her free time “Writing and Reading”. When Sophie Davant asks her her secret for “aging well”she replies that for her, what makes us age well is “to accept that some days, we are not at the top”. Brigitte Macron, a woman like all the others.

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