Loire. The comedian Chicandier announces that he has health problems

This week, on social networks, Chicandier explained to his fans that he was facing health problems. On Monday, he first announced: “That’s it, the ax has fallen! I have cirrhosis! »

The next day he said, “The drinking season is over for me! Why ? Simply because I was told that if I continued, I had 2 or 3 years left to live! So, as I have a daughter and a wife, coughed…”

And then, that night, the comedian from Saint-Etienne published a new message, with a photo of him on a hospital bed, an oxygen mask on his nose: “Fall out in the middle of a movie session! Firefighters: “Uh, are you an alcoholic, sir? !”. Me: “Uh yes absolutely but abstinent for 3 weeks!”. Them: “Well, it’s not alcohol, you have a murmur in your heart!” “. “In short, I’m 45 years old,” he quips. His posts generated hundreds of messages of support on social media.

A few hours later, he published a more reassuring post: “ As they say, I’m going to take care of my health, which won’t prevent me from continuing to perform this year! I’m also getting into a book (I even have a publisher). New challenges, new challenge! My health is therefore not in danger and I will continue to do beautiful daubasse anyway! »

Chicandier is playingAsterix and Obelix: The Middle Kingdomthe next feature film by Guillaume Canet whose release is scheduled for 1er february.

In this fifth live-action film in the series created by the duo Uberzo-Goscinny, the native of Loire plays the role of Ordralfabétix, the fishmonger of the Gallic village.

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