Linky meter: here’s how much you’ll be charged if you still don’t have it

From January 2023, customers not equipped with the Linky meter will have to declare their consumption themselves. Otherwise, they may incur additional charges. But how much could that be? This is what we are going to see right away. Don’t worry, Objeko’s editorial staff will tell you everything about it. Are you ready ?

What is the linky counter for?

Currently, Enedis has more than 36 million Linky meters installed in France. But what exactly is this little green box for? Well, it’s very simple. So first of all, you should know that it has the power to act directly on electricity consumption. Indeed, users can directly access a lot of information. One thinks in particular of the electricity consumption per hour, per day and per month. It’s huge, isn’t it?

But it is not finished. Indeed, those who have a Linky meter can also compare consumption with past periods. But also identify consumption peaks. Or even compare oneself with fireplaces of the same type or with the same power characteristics. And doing that could be great for saving money. When we know that everything is expensive, we can only approve.

Opponents will have to pay

Like us you we said before, there are 36 million Linky meters. But there are still 3.8 million households that have not made the transition. And unfortunately for them, they risk big since January 1, 2023. Indeed, until 2021, it was possible thanks to a registered letter to Enedis to refuse the installation. But now that is no longer possible. Its installation is simply mandatory. Worse still, since the beginning of the year, refractories may be subject to additional costs.

If you are one of the 10% of households not yet equipped with a Linky electricity meter, you will have to transmit your consumption index yourself. And those who do not, will have to pay in addition to their bill 8.30 euros every two months. This solution is valid for 2 years only. As of January 1, 2025, statement fees will be mandatory. The regulator specifies all the same, that these additional costs will be applied until the installation of the meter and could well be re-evaluated.

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