“Like a zoo animal”: flight attendants forced to show themselves in their underwear in front of recruiters

The recruitment company Meccti is accused of imposing an exam in underwear on candidates for flight attendant positions.

“We don’t like your smile”. “You have a roller coaster shaped body”. The remarks suffered by the young air hostesses during a recruitment session organized in Spain for Kuwait Airways are hardly believable.

The Spanish media The Diario, recounts the ordeal experienced by three young women with the recruitment company Meccti. On its website, the latter describes itself as the “leading provider of recruitment and training services to international airlines” and prides itself on recruiting staff “from all over the world”. It works with many airlines like Kuwait Airways, Qatar Airways, Etihad, Saudi Arabian Airlines and Spice Jet.

“I had a hard time believing it”

The three candidates interviewed by our colleagues return to a surreal recruitment session. “We directly said no to the boys because they only hire men from Kuwait, explains Mariana, 23. Then they continued to eliminate girls.”

After a series of questions about their physique and inappropriate remarks about their weight made aloud and in public, a final test awaits the young women: an examination in their underwear, obviously decisive for future employment. “I had a hard time believing it, I was panicking,” testifies one of the candidates quoted by El Diario. “I was like a zoo animal.”

“A girl who spoke seven languages ​​was disqualified because she had a mini-scar on her eyebrow, she continues. She was told that her seven languages ​​did not count, that they did not take people who have scars. Another was told she wasn’t following because of the moles on her face. Another was told she was a little plump…”

Following these testimonies, the Spanish Ministry of Labor has announced that it is opening an investigation into the recruitment processes in force within the Meccti company.

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