Ligue 1. TFC-Brest: “It’s scandalous, 15 years of arrogance and contempt!” The huge rant of Damien Comolli on the arbitration

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At the end of TFC-Brest this Sunday in Ligue 1, Toulouse president Damien Comolli appeared at a press conference to express his opinion on the refereeing of the match, and more generally of the refereeing in France.

The straw that broke the camel’s back will have been the action of the Brest goal this afternoon, on which Christophe Hérelle, in the duel with Rasmus Nicolaisen, stored the ball with his head. An action tainted with a fault according to the president of the TFC Damien Comolli. “I showed the screenshot of the image to the fourth referee at half time. He was incredibly disrespectful, pushing me away, saying ‘don’t talk to me! don’t talk to me!” This is the symbol of 15 years of arrogance and mediocrity in French arbitration, of which I am convinced that Mr. Gautier (the new director of arbitration in France, editor’s note) will be the worthy heir We have it all wrong, French football has it all wrong.”



Before the World Cup, Damien Comolli was suspended for two suspended matches for a clash with referee Benoît Millot, still on the whistle this Sunday against Brest. According to the president of the TFC, while Issiaga Sylla had been taken off the field for treatment, Monaco had scored a goal (on Sylla’s side), while the fourth referee did not want to bring him in. The latter would have said to him “now that there has been a goal, you can enter.” “The center referee asked me who I was,” said Damien Comolli. “It shows you a bit of the mindset of referees, the culture of refereeing in France. It’s a summary.”

Request to broadcast the images

“I officially ask the Federation and the Technical Direction of Arbitration that the recording between the VAR and the referee of today be published” announced the president of the TFC. I have an intimate conviction, it is that the VAR did not say anything to the referee (concerning the fault of Hérelle on Nicolaisen).

“It’s scandalous, it’s revolting, and if we don’t do anything to change, French football will not move forward,” he concluded.

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