Lens will not celebrate New Year’s Eve

No ” Freed from Desire » illuminated by disco balls. No party favors that settle on a well-watered table. RC Lens says it is preparing for a very calm New Year’s Eve, focused on its recovery on the eve of receiving the championship leader, Paris (Sunday 8:45 p.m.), in an incandescent and shielded stadium since October.

“We will meet in the green at the end of the evening (11 p.m.), announces Franck Haise, the general manager, when asked if his squad will go to bed early. We will do the 31st at midnight in our rooms to be in good shape tomorrow (this Sunday, with 24 hours less recovery on PSG). We will live a somewhat special but rather nice January 1st. »

For Seko Fofana, this particularity is a logical obligation. “I find it normal, said the captain. In England, I happened to play the first during the boxing day. I’m focused on the game. I don’t think about New Year’s Eve. My phone will be off. I will be able to sleep and think about the meeting. Everyone is pro. There is an issue. It’s up to us to rest and prepare well to try to win. »


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