last in number of sites, Orange assumes not to “deploy to deploy”

5G: last in number of sites, Orange assumes not to “deploy to deploy”

If Orange does not shine in the latest ANFR report on the deployment of 5G, it is the result of a strategy assumed by the incumbent operator.

The latest figures from the National Frequency Agency have fallen and the incumbent operator has 5,601 technically operational sites, against 8,388 at SFR, 9,514 at Bouygues Telecom and 16,524 at Free Mobile. For its managing director Christel Heydemann, this is not a problem but a deliberate choice.

In office for a little less than a year, she indicates that in her opinion “innovation must serve a vision, a market, values” and affirms that the choice was made not to “deploy to deploy“. Thus, Orange intends to offer its 5G “where it makes sense” by offering the new generation of mobile telephony with the aim “improve the daily lives of French people in large cities, reduce energy consumption, support industries in their transformation“. Certain specific cases also require the presence of Orange in 5G, Christel Heydemann mentions for example “an aircraft that needs to download data in a very short time”.

For the time being, all operators have complied with their commitments set out in the specifications drawn up in 2019 concerning the deployment of 5G on the 3.5 GHz band. They were indeed all required to have 3,000 sites in 2022 and Free Mobile, last in terms of technically operational sites, has 4,337. The next level is set for 2024 with 8,000 sites deployed.

It should also be remembered that for the time being, 5G does not yet present new uses for the general public and still only works on a 4G core network. 5G “Stand Alone”, which should provide very low latency in particular, must begin to be deployed This year.

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