Kylie Jenner: spotted in a devastating outfit that reveals her chest

The week of Haute Couture began on Monday, January 23, 2023 in Paris, and as usual, the most fashionable celebrities have put on their best clothes to live up to the flagship event of the fashion calendar. The young billionaire Kylie Jenner caused a sensation again but far from the parades.

Kylie Jenner shows off her stomach and abs

If the parades are at the heart of the hive that the Parisian capital becomes at this time, it is not uncommon to see the stars maintain the magic of the parades outside the catwalks. And it is well outside the front rows that was seen Kylie Jenner. The youngest of the Kardashian sisters has this time been seen in the streets of Paris leaving the Caesar restaurant in Paris. A place that she particularly likes, because she is often found there when she is passing through the capital. She was dressed in a creation Lado Bokuchava, a glamorous sexy ensemble as she appreciates them. The top, like a corset, attaches to three strategic places via clips: the chest, the stomach and the waist. The corset blazer unveiled the front of her body and gave a vision on her chest. She wore it on the body with nothing underneath with a skirt split up to the top of the thigh with high boots. She is probably trying to make amends by wearing a neutral outfit (according to her codes of course!) to stifle the various controversies of which she is the subject.

An outfit to extinguish the “controversy”

Anyway, the controversy is already shelved according to specialists. After creating a sensation from the first days of the Haute Couture week thanks to this black dress bold with the lion’s head that the young entrepreneur wore to attend the parade of the house Schiaparelli. Indeed, the dress and the parade have been talked about even outside the fashionsphere! What has caused controversy in the fashion world and beyond is the use of animal heads on pieces and dresses during the show. Although the House has declared that“no animals were harmed to make this look” under each Instagram post. The animal defense association PETA France has, for its part, made a statement on its social networks denouncing the glorification of hunting through the use of animal heads.

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