Kelly Vedovelli threatened and pursued by a man “every evening”… disturbing testimony on “TPMP”

Being a celebrity isn’t easy every day. Precisely, Cyril Hanouna and his columnists wanted to discuss this subject in the daily newspaper of TPMP this Tuesday, January 10. This debate followed the speech of Caroline Margeridon, the antique dealer of‘Deal Concludedwhich revealed, with a smile, that she had just been the victim of an attack when she left her shop in Saint-Ouen. Admiring the courage of this woman, Matthieu Delormeau, Valérie Benaïm, or even Kelly Vedovelli, took the opportunity to discuss their personal case and indicate why there was sometimes nothing reassuring about being a celebrity.

The pretty blonde notably revealed her trick for not being followed everywhere. “You also have to learn not to post live when you’re someone with a little recognition, so that we don’t know where we are”she revealed before indicating where this habit comes from: I experienced a man who met me every evening after the show in Boulogne. Basically, I live in the south of France and when I found myself in the south of France, it was really at the bottom of my house”.

Kelly Vedovelli prosecuted, the police can not do anything

Pursued to her home for many months, whether in Paris or at home in the south of France, the man in question plunged Kelly Vedovelli into immense stress. “When you see the guy at your window writing on the networks […] that you are confronted with the physical person […] you feel like running away or jumping on him. You don’t know what to do so much that you hate the person […] You don’t know how to react”entrusts the one who received many criticisms after appearing veiled on Instagram.

And in this situation, warning the police is useless, or almost, as the columnist of TPMP. Indeed, each time she called the police, “they came to pick it up”… Without following up and placing him behind bars. “When they tell you that until he takes action there is nothing they can do, I told them: ‘I’m scared, I don’t want him to take action’. It’s delicate”she finally concluded, still marked by this complicated time.

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