“Keep the money”: taken with pity, a robber prefers to leave … with nothing

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Noting the little money in the cash box of a Brussels merchant, a robber was taken with pity and left empty-handed.

A funny burglary. As reported TF1, a thief, taken with pity when he saw how little money was in a merchant’s cash register, preferred to leave… with nothing. The facts took place in Brussels, Thursday, January 12.

The robber bursts into the back of the wine shop. He begins by threatening an employee with his weapon. “He took her by the shoulder, he belted her, he placed his gun on her stomach”, tells the trader to our colleagues. The thief then heads for the office. “I was seated, he pointed the gun directly at me and he asked us to give him the money that we potentially had in the drawer”.

However, the box contains only 110 euros. Surprised, the kidnapper then questions the wine merchant. “That’s when we explained to him that unfortunately the current situation and crises meant that we didn’t have more to give him. In fact, he retracted and he told me clearly ‘keep your money’. I almost have the impression to read in his eyes ‘you need it much more than me'”.

The robber, who quickly fled on a motorcycle, is still actively sought.

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