Katrina Patchett cash on the temptations between dancers and candidates of Dancing with the stars!

Dancer Katrina Patchett opens up about the temptations and romances that can arise with celebrities backstage at Dance with the stars !

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Difficult to resist the temptation? Each season of Dance with the stars brings its share of rumors, in particular concerning the links between celebrities and their partner on the floor of the TF1 show. The celebrity press very often likes to imagine that relationships do not stop at simple rehearsals for passages before the intransigent jury, during the bonuses. Couple assumptions that sometimes turn out to be real, we think for example of Alizée and Gregoire Lyonnetwho met in 2013, during the fourth season of the contest, or more recently at Youtuber Michou and his now girlfriend Elsa Bois.

If we want to deceive, we will do it

Connections that could scare the companions of professional dancers. Questioned in the columns of Audiencethis week, Katrina Patchett reveals how his darling Kylian apprehends the filming of Dance with the stars: “I’m lucky to be with someone who understands my job and has confidence“, she rejoices, not denying all the same that certain things can happen behind the scenes: “Anyway, if we want to deceive, we will do it: a program will not push us to do so. Afterwards, we cannot control how a candidate reacts, how he will interpret a look or physical proximity. But for us, it’s a job, like for an actor“, ended up qualifying the one who had won the first edition of the show alongside M Pokora.

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This is temptation island

If Katrina Patchett tends not to emphasize too much the rapprochement between the candidates and the dancers, Guillaume Genton – columnist of Do not touch My TV and presenter of the morning ofEuropean 2 – is a little more frank: “I worked on the show for years, I can tell you thatthere are personalities or dancers, who are in a relationship or who are married and things have gone wrong. Every year there is. Because, in fact, you spend seven hours a day glued to a dance hall…“, had assured the microphone of his radio show, a few weeks ago, even launching a scathing: “It is temptation islandDancing with the starss“!

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