Julien Cohen deeply saddened Sophie Davant, the star host of “Affaire concluded” made a major confession about her departure a few months ago!

This Tuesday, January 10, 2023, Sophie Davant was back on France 2 to present a special bonus from its flagship show “Affaire Conclue”. An edition entirely devoted to cult objects of the 20th century. For the occasion, the famous host granted an exclusive interview to our colleagues from Ciné Télé Revue. Interview during which she confided that she almost never presented the program. “I didn’t understand why they had come looking for me. I was going from a testimonial show that I loved to present to an auction show. It was the big gap. When I was shown the German version, I was even less excited. The program was presented by a man with a mustache in a plaid shirt. It was linear and humorless. I found it a bit boring but the production reassured me by saying: ‘We want you to make this show what you are!’. I finally accepted the proposal. I wanted to add a little human and spirit to this somewhat flat concept. Moreover, at the beginning, nobody believed in this emission. They put it on the air because it was cheap. We did not expect such a success. »

“It’s his choice”

Exit her role in “Affaire Conclue”, Sophie Davant wanted to come back to the departure of a member of the team. It was in 2021 that Julien Cohen announced that he was leaving the show. A blow for the host who was deeply affected by the choice of her friend. “His departure saddened me personally”she explained before continuing: “I’m sorry, but it’s his choice.” Although the antique dealer has decided to put an end to his collaboration with the second channel, Sophie Davant is “still in contact with him”. Nothing can therefore separate a friendship if it is solid.


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