Julie Chen of Asterix & Obelix reveals a big secret to Marion Cotillard live on “Quotidien”

Fans are eagerly awaiting it. The next Asterix film is finally out in theaters 11 years after the much-maligned one Asterix & Obelix: At Her Majesty’s Service. For the adaptation of The middle Empire, Guillaume Canet saw things on a grand scale just as Frédéric Forestier and Thomas Langmann had done before him for the Olympic Games of the most famous Gauls. If Zinédine Zidane, Tony Parker or even Jean Todt are not part of the plans of the ex of Marion Cotillardthe director still called on Gilles Lellouche, Manu Payet, Jonathan Cohen, or even the ex-star of PSG, Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

Marion Cotillard, her ex-girlfriend, will play the role of Cleopatra while Julie Chen will play Princess Fu Yi. If the latter is less known than the first, she can still thank the ex-girlfriend of Guillaume Canet for her career as she revealed live on Daily this Tuesday, January 24. Indeed, the young actress launched herself into the cinema thanks to her after seeing a famous film in which she played.

Marion Cotillard, very important in the life of Julie Chen

“It seems that it was thanks to you, thanks to Marion, that you wanted to make films?”declared Yann Barthès, embarrassing Julie Chen: “Ah… So yes Marion… moment of embarrassment, she didn’t know. I never told her”. After coming to her senses, the actress continued and indicated how Marion Cotillard motivated her to become an actress: “When I was younger I lived in Belleville. And in Belleville there is a commemorative plaque with Edith Piaf’s name on it. And I asked my sister ‘but who is Edith Piaf?’. And she tells me ‘there’s La Môme, we’re going to see the film'”.

Unfortunately, no session was available but Julie Chen was able to obtain the DVD a few months after the release of the film. “I bought it and I watched La Môme and it gave me a very, very big slap in the face and at first with all the innocence I had, I hadn’t understood that it was about ‘an actress. I thought it was really Edith Piaf,’ she recalled before revealing: “And I said to my sister, ‘Okay, that’s me, that’s what I want to do.’

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